The contemporary American author, Diane Ackerman said

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”

Many of us will remember our childhoods building dens, swinging on ropes, getting messy and in the process making friends and learning about ourselves. Sadly for many children across the UK outdoor play space, in a safe and supervised setting, is in decline and frequently unavailable. At Marble Hill Playcentres our goal is to preserve that active, outdoor and perhaps risky play experience. As a charity our mission is to unlock the power of play and the magic of community, providing inclusive, supportive and sustainable play and education services to children and families
To achieve this we have five main objectives

Create an exciting and safe environment for children and young people to play, explore, be active and get messy.

Empower local families, children and young people to shake off the ‘cotton wool’ state of mind by encouraging exercise and increased access to outdoor play spaces.

Be inclusive for all children and young people regardless of their ability, culture and ethnicity.

Be respectful to outdoor environments and natural spaces, by encouraging the use of recyclable materials and keeping our emissions to a minimum.

Be committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children and young people.


40 Years of Play at Marble Hill Playcentres

We want all ages from every part of the borough to continue to enjoy and benefit from our safe and beautiful space and most importantly, as Bob Keeshan would say, for children to continue their work.


Praise for Marble Hill Playcentres

“I had a lovely time here today with my 2 year old…..lots of toys and activities to do inside and outside…great venue”

Rachel H, One O’Clock Club

“My 5 year old son has been a few times and loves it. He can be quite shy but the team there are welcoming, fun and really helpful. The adventure playground caters for those who are fearless about climbing, leaping and rope swinging and for the more timid there’s plenty to build, create and play with.”

Siubhan R., Adventure Playground

“The playworkers who help at the sessions are excellent – patient, kind and understanding. We would be lost without it and it has become a key part of our week”

Parent, 2020, SENsational Saturday Club

“Lots of thought and planning is evident in their drive to facilitate play with the children, as well as exhibiting the value of inclusion and creativity. Very welcoming environment and would recommend everyone and anyone to attend!”

Ailing C, One O’Clock Club:

“This is the only place that my son really relaxes and trusts adults other than me to play with him and help him”

Parent, 2020, SENsational Saturday Club

“Well organised, staff happily play with children – mums & dads banned! :-)”

John F., Adventure Playground

“From my point of view, this place has provided a sanctuary where I have access to a group of parents who understand what it is like to have a child with additional needs.”

Parent, 2020, SENsational Saturday Club