Age Range: 0 – 12 years

We are reviewing our SENsational Saturday sessions and would love to hear your thoughts. Please CLICK HERE to give us your comments and suggestions.

All children need to play and be active. Play is essential to the healthy, physical, social and emotional development of all children, and a fundamental part of childhood. Children with disabilities need to play as much as their non-disabled peers. Indeed the benefits of play and physical activity can be even greater than for other children so it is vital they do not miss out.

Positive experiences of play and physical activity can also enhance children and young people’s mental health by building up their confidence, self esteem and resilience. It is also through play, both in the community and at school, that children develop friendships and a sense of belonging to a peer group. Again, this is particularly important for children with additional needs, as they are frequently marginalised and/or overprotected.

Every Saturday morning throughout the year, the SENsational Saturday Club offers children with disabilities or additional needs time to explore the Adventure Playground with their families.

Our sessions give parents and carers an opportunity to take some time out and chat to other parents while the children are free to explore, socialise and learn through play in a fun but safe environment. Over the years parents and carers have developed an active social group, sharing information and advice or just lending a friendly ear to each other.

Our experienced and dedicated playworkers are on site throughout the sessions to run activities, play games and offer a little respite for those who might need it. We make full use of all of the rope swings, cook together, build dens and get messy with lots of craft and making activities.

These 2 hour sessions are free, but any donations that enable us to continue and improve this much loved and essential service to our local families are always needed and much appreciated. Please see our section on “regular giving” on our About Us page.

Please see the links below for more information local opportunities for children with disabilities and additional needs:

How to Book – Guide for Parents

Everyone needs to register before entering the SENsational Saturday Club and PRE BOOK the session you wish to attend – please note that you will not be able to drop in due to our Covid safe site procedures. This is to make sure that we have safe numbers of people on site and the right contact details in case of emergency. This is also to provide us with information about usage that we need for our funders. You can book by accessing the Member Portal or by clicking the session below.

On your first visit, once you have registered and booked a session, you will be asked to show documentation relating to your child’s disability/additional needs (eg Disability Living Allowance letter, bank statement showing Disability Living Allowance, or a letter from a medical professional body confirming the diagnosis). A full list of accepted documentation can be found here

Please note that we will not be using the inside space at this time (apart from toilet access) – please bring your own hot drinks or purchase from the kiosk at the OOC next door.

Opening Times & Entrance Fees

Term Time & School Holidays

  • Saturday  10am to 11.45am

  • Entrance Fee: FREE


Praise for Marble Hill Playcentres

“I had a lovely time here today with my 2 year old…..lots of toys and activities to do inside and outside…great venue”

Rachel H, One O’Clock Club

“My 5 year old son has been a few times and loves it. He can be quite shy but the team there are welcoming, fun and really helpful. The adventure playground caters for those who are fearless about climbing, leaping and rope swinging and for the more timid there’s plenty to build, create and play with.”

Siubhan R., Adventure Playground

“The playworkers who help at the sessions are excellent – patient, kind and understanding. We would be lost without it and it has become a key part of our week”

Parent, 2020, SENsational Saturday Club

“Lots of thought and planning is evident in their drive to facilitate play with the children, as well as exhibiting the value of inclusion and creativity. Very welcoming environment and would recommend everyone and anyone to attend!”

Ailing C, One O’Clock Club:

“This is the only place that my son really relaxes and trusts adults other than me to play with him and help him”

Parent, 2020, SENsational Saturday Club

“Well organised, staff happily play with children – mums & dads banned! :-)”

John F., Adventure Playground

“From my point of view, this place has provided a sanctuary where I have access to a group of parents who understand what it is like to have a child with additional needs.”

Parent, 2020, SENsational Saturday Club