50 Years at Marble Hill Playcentres!

We are celebrating 50 years of Marble Hill Playcentre magic! Can you believe it’s been five decades of play, laughter, making friends, and the joy of outdoor play for our little ones. From finger paints and water play, to building dens, and the thrill of the rope swings, Marble Hill Playcentres has been the ultimate playground for kids and parents alike. Over the next year, we will be taking a trip down memory lane, celebrating the countless memories, friendships and sticky fingers that have made the Playcentres a home away from home. Here’s to another 50 years of fun and discovery!

It all started with the One O’Clock Club…..

In May 1972, two officials from the Greater London Council (who owned Marble Hill House and Park at the time) were seen inspecting the children’s enclosure.  Knowing that children’s play facilities were being created in other London parks, two local mothers – Jill Jones and Jenny Green – started a petition for the GLC to provide a One O’Clock Club and Adventure Playground here in Twickenham.  By June, they had 800 signatories, representing over 1,500 children, appended to a letter addressed to the Arts and Recreation Committee of the GLC.  The letter said: “This area is badly in need of imaginative playspace….Although this would appear to be an affluent area with acres of lovely parkland, there is in fact no place where children can really let off steam and play with the freedom and scope they need.  We feel such provision is essential.”

Your memories…..

As a parent, grandparent or carer, do you have any fond memories of Marble Hill Playcentres from your own childhood? We would love to hear from you if you have any nostalgic recollections or photographs you would be happy to share with us. Please get in touch at info@marblehillplaycentres.com or visit our special 50th Anniversary Facebook page here to upload your photos and share your stories.

Get Involved

Join us in celebrating our 5oth Anniversary! We’re looking for dedicated volunteers to help organise events and fundraising that will make this milestone unforgettable. Your support will play a vital role in creating lasting memories and ensuring the success of these special occasions. If you’re passionate about fostering community spirit and making a positive impact, we welcome you to be part of our team! Click Here to sign up, and together let’s make the 50th Anniversary of Marble Hill Playcentres a celebration for everyone involved!