Who We Are

Marble Hill Playcentres is a community based charity providing services for children and families in Twickenham and the surrounding areas.

It is run by a group of local people who form the committee which has overall responsibility for the organisation. It’s a big job but we think it is important for our community to keep the Playcentres open for this generation and the next.  We work hard to keep costs low by actively fundraising and seeking donations whenever we can.

The day to day work of the charity is done by our team of playwokers who are all very passionate about the importance of children’s play. We have up to 300 children visiting each day, but we try to make time to listen to parents as much as possible so if every you have a question, please ask.


Our Vision

  • Create an exciting and safe environment for children and young people to play, explore, be active and get messy.
  • Empower local families, children and young people to shake off the ‘cotton wool’ state of mind by encouraging exercise and increased access to outdoor play spaces.
  • Be inclusive for all children and young people regardless of their ability, culture and ethnicity.
  • Be respectful to outdoor environments and natural spaces, by encouraging the use of recyclable materials and keeping our emissions to a minimum.
  • Be committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children and young people.