Adventure Playground

Age Range : 5 - 15 years

The adventure playground at Marble Hill Playcentres is completely unique in this borough.  With its huge wooden structures and large open spaces, we provide a special place for thousands of children each year.

Here children learn fantastic life lessons, how to negotiate, to work with others, to be patient, to share and to listen.  They test their limits, discover how things work and what they really enjoy. Mostly children have freedom to decide what they do, when they do it and for how long.  It’s the kind of freedom we had when we were young and we know that our children need it too.

We run activities every day but mostly we listen and respond to the children.  If there is something they want to do and we can, we do it! Last year we made a swimming pool and built go-karts because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

There are family play sessions every weekend when parents and carers are welcome to join their children in their play, but after school and during the holidays no adults are permitted inside the playground.  This gives the children the chance to set up and manage their own play.  Of course if you would like to have a quick walk around on your first visit that’s absolutely fine too, just let us know.


Open Access Provision:
The Adventure Playground is an open access site which means that there is no need to pre book and children can come and go as they please. This might seem unusual but there are many similar sites around the country and we are very experienced at ensuring everyone is kept safe. Open access does not compromise our Duty of Care to the children attending the Playcentres and we always have a member of staff on the gate checking who is coming and going.

There are some misunderstandings about what Open Access provision means and so we urge to you to speak to the staff onsite if you have any concerns.

Before you arrive:
Everyone needs to register before entering the Adventure Playground. This is just to make sure that we have the right contact details in case we need to call you in an emergency and to give us the data we need for our funders.

Last year it took a little over 4 minutes to complete the application form and it is designed to be work perfectly on mobiles and other handheld devices, so please register before you arrive to save yourself some time.

Comments from our users in 2017:
“My 5 year old son has been a few times and loves it. He can be quite shy but the team there are welcoming, fun and really helpful. The adventure playground caters for those who are fearless about climbing, leaping and rope swinging and for the more timid there's plenty to build, create and play with.” Siubhan R.

“Well organised, staff happily play with children - mums & dads banned! :-)” John F.

Opening Times

Autumn 2018 update:

The Inclusive Play project (additional needs), continues Saturdays 10am-12pm

After school:
Tues-Fri 15:30-18:30
Saturdays 12:30-2:30 (Saturday is Family Day - a chance for parents and carers to enjoy the Adventure Playground alongside the kids!)

School holidays:
Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00
Saturdays 12:30-2:30 (Family time as above)

Opening Hours for September ‘18:
Thu 30th Aug – 12-6pm (£6)
Fri 31st Aug – 12-6pm (£6)
Sat 1st Sep – Inclusive Play Session 10am-12pm
Family Day Session 12.30pm-3pm (£4)
Sun 2nd Sep – Closed
Mon 3rd Sep – 12-6pm (school inset day) (£6)
Tues 4th Sep- 12-6pm (school inset day) (£6)
Weds 5th Sep – 3.30-6.30pm (£4)
Thurs 6th Sep – 3.30-6.30pm(£4)
Fri 7th Sep – 3.30-6.30pm (£4)
Sat 8th Sep - Inclusive Play Session 10am-12pm - Family Day Session 12.30pm-3pm
Sun 9th Sep –Closed
Mon 10th Sep – Closed
Tues 11th Sep- Closed
Weds 12th Sep – Closed
Thurs 13th Sep – Closed
Fri 14th Sep – 3.30-6.30pm (£4)
Sat 15th Sep - Inclusive Play Session 10am-12pm
Sun 16th Sep – Closed
Mon 17th Sep – Closed
Tues 18th Sep- Closed
Weds 19th Sep – Closed
Thurs 20th Sep – Closed
Fri 21st Sep – 3.30-6.30pm (£4)
Sat 22nd Sep - Inclusive Play Session 10am-12pm
Sun 23rd Sep –Closed
Mon 24th Sep – Closed
Tues 25th Sep- Closed
Weds 26th Sep – Closed
Thurs 27th Sep – Closed
Fri 28th Sep – 3.30-6.30pm (£4) END OF SEASON BBQ!!
Sat 29th Sep - Inclusive Play Session 10am-12pm
Sun 30th Sep – Closed

We will be open through the winter for the Inclusive Play session 10am-12pm Saturday for children and their grown ups.


£4 per child or 10 visit pass £30 (=£3 per child)
20 visit pass £50 (=£2.50 per child)

SATURDAYS (Term time and Holidays)
£6 per child

£6 per child or 10 visit pass £50 (£5 per child)

NEW! SUMMER HOLIDAY PASS (Limited number available!), valid July 20th-Sept 8th 2018:
£75 for 1 child
2 siblings £100
3 siblings £125
4 siblings £150

Summer Holiday Pass T&C’s:
This pass entitles a child to any ‘open’ session at the Adventure Playground
At peak times there may be a wait to enter the facilities to ensure health and safety standards are met

We accept card payments at the Playcentres.

* Please note you may be entitled to a free pass if you are from an low income family/have a disability and/or a child with an additional need. Please speak to a Senior Playworker, Evidence valid in the last 3 months will be required.