Adventure Playground

Age Range : 5 - 15 years

Every visitor must register before entering the adventure playground, use the link to the right to access the form,  If you attended in 2015 or 2016 you will need to update your registration on the gate when you arrive this year.

Information about the Adventure Playground

This is the only open-access Adventure Playground in Richmond upon Thames. The big wooden structures and climbing frames set in the beautiful parkland of Marble Hill make it an unforgettable destination for children and young people.

Open access means that children may come and go as they please, although the staff will make every effort to ensure it is so fun they don’t want to!  Children sign in when they first arrive but are not required to sign out when they leave.  If you are concerned about any of the issues relating to open access play, please speak to a member of staff on site.  Further information about open access play can be found here.

The AP has a completely separate area to the One O Clock club and indoor and outdoor facilities include:

  • Four rope swings of various sizes
  • An aerial runway
  • Climbing frames
  • A fire pit
  • A skate boarding ramp
  • Large playing fields

We also provide the opportunity for children with impaired mobility to play alongside their peers on a specially designed birds nest swing and wheelchair accessible walkway.

Loyalty cards available – £20 gives you £24 of credit to use at the Playcentres

Do's and Dont's
Whilst the Adventure Playground is supervised, we are not a childcare facility and are open access which means that children and young people are allowed to come and go as they please.

Parents are not allowed in the playground but if it is your child's first visit you may be permitted to enter to settle them in, but we do ask that parents do not stay too long so that children can explore the playground themselves. If you have any concerns please contact a playworker.

If your child has an additional need, parents will be allowed to supervise them in the playground. You will be issued with a visitor's badge and asked to sign in.

Safety and Maintenance
We take our users' health very seriously. All our structures are built to high standards. Our designs and finished structures have to meet health and safety standards and there are regular detailed inspections carried out by our own staff as well as outside safety professionals.

Damage is sometimes caused to our site without our staff being aware of it. For this reason our staff check the playground and the structures every day to look for any possible dangers. If you see anything that could be a potential danger, please let a member of staff know immediately.

Children's belongings
We do provide a place to hang coats and bags; however we advise children not to bring valuables to the Playcentres.

Please discourage your child from bringing their own toys or valuable items to the playground as we do not take responsibility for loss or damage..

Suitable clothing
We advise that all our users wear clothing and footwear that is practical. Adventure play can damage your children's clothing so please ensure they are appropriately dressed.

Important information for 5 Year Olds
Under Ofsted Regulations if your child is 5 but is in Reception Class, they can only attend the Adventure Playground for two hours a day, if they are 5 but are in Year One they may attend for longer.

It is your responsibility to ensure your child only stays for two hours.  If it is found that your child is repeatedly left for longer than two hours the Playcentres may refuse future entries.

Opening Times

Closed for the main season from 30 September 2017.


We now accept card payments at the Playcentres.

Loyalty card available, ask the senior playworkers for more information.

* Please note you may be entitled to a free pass if you are from an low income family/have a disability and/or a child with an additional need. Please speak to a Senior Playworker, Evidence valid in the last 3 months will be required.