What We Do

Marble Hill Playcentres (MHPC) is a charity and voluntary organisation which was taken over by a group of local parents following Local Authority budget cuts in 2000.

These Playcentres are a much loved local establishment offering unique, quality indoor and outdoor play opportunities for children aged 5 – 15 and for those with additional needs.

Because we are a not for profit organisation, everything we raise goes back into sustaining the playcentres. While we always strive to keep costs low, your donations will help these us to continue delivering excellent play opportunities through tough economic times.


Our thanks go to the following people for their generous donations towards the renovations at our Adventure Playground:

Yasmin Barnfield, Martine Clark, Sarah Marsden, Fiona Morgan, Charlie Jones, Rachel McLean, Fleur Hewitt, Rebecca Hersey, Sari Daly, Tracy Smallacombe, Crafty Tales, Jo Giles. Amy Jarman, Tessa Pihlens, Laura Clarke, Clare Quansah, Gemma Richardson, Rachel Huddlestone, Sarah Pratley, Nao Iwasawa, Kelly D’Arcy, Hattie Deards, Sofie Vickery, Madeline Walsh, Justine Elliot, Laura Garnham, Victoria Harris, Victoria Moore, Tamsin Hobcraft, Helen Little, Caren Tildesley, Yoko Lytle, Krista Harlow, Mitsuyo Wright, Sarah Connor, Flic Williams, Beck Family, Liz Maund, The Wrigglesworths, Mike Clubbe, Tina-Louise Foster, Trish D’Cruz, Neelam Wilson, Viv Rimmer, Barbara Morton, Louise Casey, The Neale Family….. and all of those who prefered to stay anonymous!